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Pre-spawn on the Tennessee River

It is getting to be my favorite time of the year to catch big female bass. Early pre-spawn on the Tennessee River calls for covering water to find schools of fish on, or near spawning flats. One of the best baits to search for these schools is the Shaker Z Series from Profound Outdoors. The Shaker Z is a lipless crankbait that comes in three different styles: the original Shaker Z, Knock-Knock, and the Mime. My personal favorite, and the one I used this past week to find my fish on Pickwick Lake, is the Shaker Z Mime in the Silver King color.

The Largemouth fishing on Pickwick, and Guntersville is really heating up. It takes time to relocate and to keep up with the school. Although, once you connect with one, you normally fill the boat up pretty quick. Give me a call to book your next fishing trip!


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