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Personalized Approach


At Shoals Bass Guides we take a personal approach to all of our clients.  We create a fun and energized environment that anyone from any walk of life can enjoy.  We treat everyone, whether they are a small child or a corporate CEO, with the same amount of respect, patience, and professionalism. As always, we are sure to get you on some exciting fish and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Guided Bass Fising on PickWick Lake Alabama
Cameron Gautney - Your Guide

Cameron has loved fishing since the moment his first rod hit his hands.  He has been fortunate to grow up on Pickwick and Wilson Lake, giving him the inside scoop on what is happening under the water.  Specializing in smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing, he is sure to show you a great time. Cameron is also a U.S. Coastguard certified captain, so safety is never an issue, although it is one of his top priorities. 

2015 Angler of The Year, Walmart Bass Fishing League (BFL) Choo Choo Division on Lake Guntersville, Alabama
- Cameron Gautney


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